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LaRoche Hour: Adam Drives Nats Through Pittsburgh Traffic to Win


Final Score: Nationals 7, Pirates 4

Dame of the Game:

Adam LaRoche: 3-4, HR, 4 RBI, R, K. Attention Deficit Disorder? More like Out Deficit Disorder AM I RIGHT

Shame of the Game:

Evan Meek: 1 IP, 3 ER, 1 H, 2 BB, 2 K. Jesus Christ once said “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Jesus was wrong about a lot of things.


In recent games, the Nationals’ offense has developed an odd habit of not sucking. They have scored at least 6 runs in 4 of their last 6 games including tonight’s bat-ruption, something which I will say without doing any historical research has never happened before. That’s probably not true, but assuming it is adds to the excitement of the Nats’ newfound plate-crossing prowess. Tonight’s Pirate-punishing was led by home runs from Adam “The Face that Launched a Thousand Hits” LaRoche, Ian “Also Committed His 7th Error” Desmond, and Xavier “Still OBPing Under .200” Nady, along with a triple from Bryce “Bam Bam No Thank You Ma’am I’m Still Underage” Harper.  Said Davey Johnson, “Yeah, it just occurred to me a few days ago that giving people candy when they made outs to make them feel better was a bad incentive structure. That program has been eliminated.” Continue reading

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Lincoln Shot! Down Nats’ Chances: Pirates Plunder a Win Over Nats


Erik Bedard in a clear state of discomfort, just moments after guessing the wrong attendance on the scoreboard. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Final Score: Pirates 4, Nationals 2.

Dame of the Game:

Ross Detwiler: Loss, 6 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 4 K. Detwiler’s average line was the best thing any Nationals could accomplish tonight, as the rest of the team stood at a point on that line very near Mendoza. Bad average aside, the dude is really grabby, and nobody wants to be near him.

Shame of the Game: 

The Nationals Offense with RISP: 1-8. With just 10 baserunners tonight, the Nationals managed to have 8 opportunities with RISP, yet only came through once, with a .125 average in those chances. I haven’t seen that bad an average since Mario Mendoza! Oh wait, I used him already.

What can you say about losing to the Pirates two straight games in a row other than, “Oh so you were using both controllers while playing a video game and let the Pirates win? Makes sense.” Only you can’t say this about this series, the Nationals have actually lost two games in a row to the Pirates. With a walkoff loss last night, and an embarrassing offensive performance tonight, the Nationals have dropped even further in the standings from tied for first place with a .620 win percentage to tied for first place with a .600 win percentage. Noooooooo!

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