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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Wilson Ramos

Wilson Ramos, in the throes of Stockholm Syndrome

Dear Miz Maria mom of Wilson Ramos who once upon a time pulled him out of her Big Belly, Miz Ladysmoocher ladysmoocher of Wilson Ramos, Mistr. Brud Selig commisioner of Wilson Ramos, Mistr. Tom Gorzelony ugly pity-friend of Wilson Ramos, and Mstr. Dave E. Jonson manager and grandpa of Wilson Ramos,

WE HAVE NAPPED WILSON RAMOS YOUR BEST CATCHER AND HE IS IN OUR HOUSE. Yes that is right Wilson Ramos your best catcher is sitting in this room crying softly wishing he were not here. BUT HE IS HERE. Yes please you must give us all our demands or you will never see Wilson Ramos your best catcher again. HERE ARE OUR DEMANDS

1. Please give us $$$$$4(four)00(hundred) $$$$$(dollars)

2. Please give us seasonal tickets to the U.S. WASHINGTON NATIONALS games in seats with a good view

3. Please do not say bad things about us to anyone

4. Please say to Wilson Ramos we are sorry and we did not mean it and we think he is your best catcher


Do not worry Wilson Ramos is doing fine we feed him and we gave him a Game Boy Color to keep him fun but he says it has no batteries.

Most sinerecestly, your best venezuela fans GO NATS

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