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A Reds Led Redemption: Nats Fail to Sweep, House is Very Dirty


I'm seeing double here. Four Jackies!

Final Score: Reds 8, Nationals 5 (11 innings).

Dame of the Game:

Jackie Robinson. No, this isn’t meant to pay homage to Jackie Robinson. I’m just not good with faces and was confused by the jerseys. The volume on my TV broke and I can’t hear the announcers. I don’t know who is who!

Shame of the Game:

Jackie Robinson. Please, help. I’m so confused. 50 Jackie Robinsons is too many Jackie Robinsons. Unless… They can’t all be Jackie Robinson, can they? Was he cloned? Is Jackie Robinson alive again? What an age we live in.

Today was a day meant to honor Jackie Robinson, the first black player to play in the MLB. As the Nats were distracted with this, a team with a name that relates to two other groups of people that America has oppressed was able to win the game. The Reds, those dirty filthy commies and/or rightful owners of the land we live on, avoided being swept by beating the Nationals. Now I feel everything is pretty even, so no more dwelling on McCarthyism and genocidal acts.

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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Chris Marrero

Chris Marrero is on the lookout for his uncle.

Baseball families are not an uncommon occurence in the MLB. From dynasties like Ray, Bob, Aaron and Brett Boone and Sammy, Jerry, Jerry Jr. and Scott Hairston to father-son combos like Ken Griffey Senior and Jr., Steve Lombardozzi and identically-named son, and Jackie Robinson and Matt Stairs (no one knows about this except Matt Stairs’ mother…not even Matt Stairs. so sssssh) What is less common is a family in which just an uncle and a nephew make it to the big leagues. That is the case for the Marrero family, however. Chris Marrero was the Nationals’ first round pick in 2006 and finally made it to the Show as a September call up last year, while his uncle Eli Marrero had a ten year career of backup catching for the Cardinals and then various other teams who quickly stopped wanting him. Eli is perhaps most famous for having Catcher +8 on his 2000 MLB Showdown Pennant Run card.

Eli takes his uncling duties very seriously. He has always viewed it as his responsibility to mold Chris into the successful major leaguer that he never really was and knew he never could be. Eli thought the best way to do this was to toughen Chris up. So, every year on July 2 (Chris’ birthday), Eli, in lieu of sending a birthday present, arranges an increasingly dangerous scenario for Chris to overcome.   Continue reading

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