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Nats DFA Maldonado, Release Hill

On a day that the Nats acquired a new catcher they have decided to get rid of two, in what’s being called the most humane decision since the invention of no kill shelters. Carlos Maldonado, a man who was a big league Nats catcher and also caught the injury bug (sorry for being redundant), was DFA’d to clear space on the 40 man for Kurt Suzuki. He will be missed. By stray bullets and out of control trucks, now that his luck has improved.

Also you may remember me writing about the Nats signing Koyie Hill earlier this season. I didn’t. But he’s gone too.

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Nationals Sign Koyie Hill


While many have moved on from spanking techniques, Hill still strongly believes in using it for discipline.

The Nationals signed long-time backup catcher Koyie Hill to a minor league contract today, and will have him report to Syracuse. He was offered a major league deal, but wanted no part in catching games for the major league club. He has a family, and just didn’t want to put his life on the line like that.

With Koyie now in the Washington organization, I think it’s only right that we bestow the nickname “Capitol” Hill upon him. Whenever he plays games, it’ll take forever to throw one pitch and get anything done due to constant pointless arguments between him and members of the opposing teams.

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