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Mike Morse Traded to Mariners


My photoshop skills are quite good. …What do you mean he already played for Seattle and I just used this picture from those days? That’s nonsense.

Mike Morse has been traded to the Mariners as part of a 3-team deal with Oakland. Details were reported by Adam Kilgore. It’s sad that Mike is gone from the team, but what could you expect? He kept telling people to “Take on me, take me on,” it was only a matter of time before someone listened and actually took him. He also warned us that he’d be gone in a day or two, so we can’t act like we didn’t see this coming.

The trade breaks down as follows: Washington gets A.J. Cole back, plus a “good” prospect and PTBNL (from Oakland) according to Amanda Comak. Seattle receives Mike Morse. Oakland receives John Jaso. It’s nice seeing Cole come back, having traded him away in the Gio trade. He’s a talented prospect, and I’m sure Cole will power us to victories down the line, even if it’s bad for the environment. If he makes it to the bigs, it’ll be interesting to see what proves to be the greater, cheaper source of energy for the team, Clean Cole or Gio-thermal energy.

As for Morse, you’ll be missed. Thank you for your contributions to this team the past few years. I hope you find success in Safeco. Although, it is a much more pitcher-friendly ballpark. Those phantom grand slams might be a little harder to hit out.

Update: Blake Treinen will be coming over from the Athletics as one of the 2 previously unnamed players, reports Jon Heyman. I hope Blake has been Treinen hard during the offseason and will be ready to show off in the coming season.

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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Kurt Suzuki

Kurt Suzuki never looks anyone in the eyes because his only goal in life is to never lose a staring contest.

The Kurt Suzuki Rap (Not Very Good)


Yo yo yo yo


My name is Kurt Suzuki
Got an arm like a bazook-I
But my bat’s more like a wet pool noodle

I love long walks on the beach
Letting out a primal screech
Scarfing down a plate of warm apple streudel

Share my last name with Ichiro
But don’t expect me to be your hero
No I don’t really deserve to be annointed

Though I might get some caught stealings
You’ll just end up with hurt feelings
And then cry yourself to sleep so disappointed Continue reading

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Bartolo Colon Throws 38 Straight Strikes


It was hard to see the excitement in his eyes after leaving Montreal. Maybe cause the chins were in the way.

Former franchise star pitcher Bartolo Colon has had an impressive resurgence in his career. One of the more astounding things he did in tonight’s start for Oakland was throw 38 strikes in a row. I thought it would be a good idea to look at other things that Bartolo Colon has done 38 straight times before.

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The Baseball Season Began Today! Really Really Really Early Today!


Dustin Ackley and manager Eric Wedge show their excitement over the new business deal they have completed.

Today is a big day, as it marks the beginning of the baseball season. While advertising on ESPN suggests that the big day will be April 4th, as the Cardinals take on the Marlins, the season opened up today in Japan, as the Mariners took on the Athletics. The Mariners ended up winning 3-1 in 11 innings.

I took in the game the traditional way many people mark in Opening Day… struggling to keep my eyes open after getting much too little sleep, all the while not wearing pants.

Yes, the game began at 6 AM ET, which doesn’t work too well when you like sleep. But it was a thrilling thing to happen nonetheless. The Nationals season opens just over a week from now and by that time, hopefully I’ll have gotten enough sleep that I deem putting pants on to be worth it. But let’s be honest, it’s never really worth it.

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