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Based on a true story.

Scene: An elderly gentleman, Dave, sits on a park bench, watching the world go by. He sports a red baseball cap and a windbreaker; his cane rests beside him. Another old man, Joe, hobbles slowly up to the bench and sits down next to Dave. He wears a dark blue cap and carries a cane of his own. The two men act as if the other is not there for several minutes.

JOE (growling): Pussy move.

DAVE: What?

JOE: That was a pussy move.

DAVE: I always knew you were a weird wuss.

JOE: Coward.

DAVE: You’re the coward, hiding behind your Tweeter. I went on the internet. I saw how many people you talked to on your Tweeter.

JOE: Most men have Tweeters.

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