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Welcome Back Tyler Moore!

Tyler’s return party had some weird decorations.

Another Nationals catcher is injured, and that means it’s time to paaaaaaaaaaartyyyyyyyyyy!!!! If you’re Tyler Moore, that is. Tyler was recalled up to the Nationals after Carlos Maldonado caught the midnight train to the DL, hoping for a reprise of his mind-blowing 3-19 showing the last time he was here. Or maybe even something slightly better!

Actually, Tyler tore up AAA like a bad report card in his brief minors stint, going 9-21 with 20 total bases. It’s only a matter of time before that vaunted strength is unleashed to help the big league club. Even though Davey Johnson probably won’t give him any at-bats, he can at least help move furniture and open jars of salsa for the rest of the team.

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