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Havana Ball: Cuba Sails to Win, Wishes it had been America


Given their large Japanese population, Castro knows this Brazilian President da Silva will understand his insulting akanbe gesture.

Final Score: Cuba 5, Brazil 2.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: 1996 Summer Olympics women’s volleyball fight between the two nations.


It was only a matter of time before we were reminded of this. There have been wars, there have been genocides, but there hasn’t been a conflict as truly disturbing as this minor verbal altercation during a match to determine who would get the nicer set of really expensive medals.

The past 16-17 years have been a tense time period for Brazil-Cuba relations. Ever since this event leaders of these two countries haven’t been able to discuss international affairs without a net between them, for fear that if it were removed something terrible would happen. These two nations meeting on the baseball field was a similarly difficult experience to watch.

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