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Roger Clemens is Back in “Baseball”


An up-to-date photo of Roger.

Roger Clemens has signed with the independent league Sugar Land Skeeters, and will likely pitch this Saturday. People are unsure as to why Clemens, 50, is making a comeback at this time. Is it for publicity? Is it for a comeback? Or is it cause he needs to be around people to help chew his food for him so he can swallow it?

It’s exciting to see Roger Clemens back in baseball. Apparently he was throwing 87 mph, which makes him much too good for the independent leagues, so he will likely succeed.

People are curious as to if Clemens wants to make a major league comeback, if only briefly, to reset his Hall of Fame chances. He’s currently grouped in with a class that includes Barry Bonds and other players suspect for their steroid use. By playing professional ball again, he could delay his potential induction by a few years, and perhaps sneak his way in. If not, he could just actually sneak his way in and hold up a handmade plaque around his face during visiting hours.

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