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Defending Champs: Japan is Good. No, I’m Serious. Come on, They Really Are.


I thought countries with joined flag pins were never supposed to fight.

Final Score: Japan 5, Brazil 3.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Mass Japanese emigration to Brazil throughout history, and how that’s actually a secret government operation to win the WBC for a third time.


Outside of Japan, Brazil hosts the largest Japanese population in the world. Since 1908 the Japanese have been emigrating to this South American nation to achieve a better life. They have assimilated into Brazilian culture and are now a major part of the society, totaling around 1.5 million in number in the year 2000. Yes, Japan and Brazil are on great terms.

Until you realize that Japan is actually manipulating the Brazilian people in order to get their trust and take advantage.

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Bryce Harper Wins Rookie of the Year


His award. I hope he can afford a VCR to play it on.

Bryce Harper can add another title to his impressive resume: Rookie of the Year. Now the only thing he has to consider is whether to put it under work experience or create an entirely different awards section. There is nothing more difficult than learning how to format a resume properly, I feel bad that he has this tremendous strain on his shoulders.

I always have found the Rookie of the Year award to be a bit presumptuous. I mean presenting it November? Who knows what’s going to happen the rest of the year. For all we know Wade Miley could invent time travel in December then go back to June and throw a couple perfect games. Or Todd Frazier could take a dump on Chase Utley’s doorstep during the first snowfall. Both of these would be much more notable accomplishments than anything Harper did this year.

Harper becomes the youngest NL ROY since Dwight Gooden. He’s also younger than any AL ROY in history, breaking the record set long ago by Mike Trout. Bryce finished with 16 first place votes, followed by Miley who came in 2nd and Frazier in 3rd. Now it’s time to go out and party! Party the way a 20-year old Mormon would of course: illegally impersonating a police officer and/or beating up gay kids.

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