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Havana Ball: Cuba Sails to Win, Wishes it had been America


Given their large Japanese population, Castro knows this Brazilian President da Silva will understand his insulting akanbe gesture.

Final Score: Cuba 5, Brazil 2.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: 1996 Summer Olympics women’s volleyball fight between the two nations.


It was only a matter of time before we were reminded of this. There have been wars, there have been genocides, but there hasn’t been a conflict as truly disturbing as this minor verbal altercation during a match to determine who would get the nicer set of really expensive medals.

The past 16-17 years have been a tense time period for Brazil-Cuba relations. Ever since this event leaders of these two countries haven’t been able to discuss international affairs without a net between them, for fear that if it were removed something terrible would happen. These two nations meeting on the baseball field was a similarly difficult experience to watch.

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Add One Mann to the Earlier Signings


This Mann. I’m glad we signed him, since there’s only 500 of him out there. I just hope ours is in as nice condition as the #382 above.

Today is a huge day for minor league pitching signings in DC. Earlier we announced the signings of Ross Ohlendorf and Sean West, and now I have the pleasure in adding Brandon Mann to this new group of marginal pitching talent.

Mann has never played in the majors, but has spent a few years in Japan. Hopefully he finds his place in the Nationals organization, and maybe wins some awards along the way to put up on the Manntle.

According to the baseball card above, Mann works quickly and keeps his hands ready. While good for his defense, this has sadly never led to a long term girlfriend for Brandon.

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